A little info about us and our airsoft bbs.

We are airsofters.

We know what it is like to have inconsistent and inaccurate shots when they matter most. We hate poor feeding issues due to cheap bio airsoft bbs just as much as you. We are also outdoors enthusiasts who care about the environment. See our shop for high-quality airsoft products. 

High-Quality and High Performance

Don't feed your airsoft guns with cheap airsoft bio bbs and expect a great outcome. We have spent years developing our high-quality biodegradable airsoft bbs to help your airsoft guns perform the best they can. 

Extreme Quality Contol

All of our bio airsoft bbs go through a stringent quality control system to check each bb before it gets bottled from the various diameter and weight checks to visual and hands-on inspections. If any bb fails inspection, they do not get reused. We only use new high-quality raw materials to make our bbs. All scraps and non-perfect ones get sold to other manufacturers. 

If you are looking to get the best performance out of your airsoft guns, make sure you are using Killer Bee Airsoft bbs. 

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