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we make biodegradable airsoft bbs and airsoft lubes

Who We Are

We are avid airsoft players. After many years of trying different brands of airsoft bbs, touted to be the best bio bbs, we were tired of inconsistent outcomes such as poor feeding issues, lack of flight consistencies, and weight and size fluctuations. After years of research, we have finally developed biodegradable bbs worthy of being used in our high-end airsoft guns. Whether it is a long-range bolt action sniper or a super-fast rate of fire indoor CQB hpa gun, we have ammo for your airsoft gun, allowing for peak performance. Check out our store for high-quality airsoft products. 

Superior Biodegradability

We strive on being the earth's friendliest airsoft bb company. Our biodegradable bbs are not only perfect bbs for your airsoft guns, but they are also environmentally responsible. Our bottles are even made from PET, so they require fewer raw materials to produce, less fuel for transport and are still completely recyclable. 

April 2020

With COVID-19 affecting all of airsoft worldwide, we are doing our best to keep up with demand. We are shipping orders out as soon as they come in. Make sure to take advantage of our free shipping promotion. Stock up and dominate the competition. All biodegradable airsoft ammo will ship free on orders totaling over $50.00. Make sure you have plenty of 6mm airsoft bbs on-hand. Add some premium performance lubricants to your cart as well to make sure your replicas are running at their peak on the field. Not sure what weight bbs to use, feel free to reach us via any of our many contact options, and we would love to help you decide.

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